Ultramarine Pigments

As the most durable, flamboyant, colorful inorganic pigment, Ultramarine Blue is innocuous and environmentally friendly.

Ultramarine Blue has excellent heat resistance properties (350℃), while also being, weather and alkali resistance.

Ultramarine Blue is an ideal pigment with a wide varity of applications. It can be used in paint , ink rubber, printing, cosmetics, plastics, paper products and dyes for the textile industry.

Ultramarine Blue also has the ability to remove the yellowing that is contained in some white materials.

The color shade is used as reference only. Actual shade may vary slightly based upon material being used

Product GradeFull ColorReduced ColorTDS
U02 Ultramarine Blue
U03 Ultramarine Blue
U04 Ultramarine Blue
U06 Ultramarine Blue
U08 Ultramarine Blue