Technical Services

·Building Materials Application Room
Provides technical service for building materials such as color concrete,bricks,floor tiles & marbles, and paper industry.Provides technical instruction and problem solving when required.
Contact:William Ni(Engineer),Si Ding,Weng(Engineer)
Tel:86 21 59503692

·Paint& Coatings Application Room
Provides technical services for coatings,paint,ink and leather industry.Helps consumers select the correct products.Gives technical opinions about pigments dispersion.
Contact:Bo Yan(Senior Engineer),Wei Feng,Shao(Engineer)
Tel:86 21 59508162

·Rubber & Plastic Application Room
Provides technical services for rubber,plastic,catalyst,grinding and polishing industry.Helps consumers select correct products and solves problems on processing materials,rubber plastic,grinding & polishing.
Contact:Wen Qin,Guan(Engineer)
Tel:86 21 39500127

·Special Type Application Room
Provides technical services for ceremics,glazed,silicate and other special type of industry.Helps consumers select correct products.
Contact:Hao Wang(Senior Engineer)
Tel:86 21 59504110

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