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Yipin Pearlescent Pigment is a high refractive flake crystal. Patterned after the natural mineral mica, the crystals are covered with a thin layer of metal oxides,for example titanium dioxide or iron oxide.

Through an interplay of transparency, refraction index coating and multiple reflections, you can achieve a variety of color effect, which otherwise exist only in natural silver white interference, gold and metallic luster. Heat stable to 800℃, light resistance. It will not decompose in light or climate.

Yipin Pearlescent Pigment gives an exciting color effect with a metallic luster, widely used in the cosmetics, plastics, Ink, leather, ceramics, and enamel industries.

The color shade is used as reference only. Actual shade may vary slightly based upon material being used

Product GradeWhite BasedBlack BasedTDS
Y9300 Gold Pearl
Y9302 Gold Satin
Y9303 Royal Gold
Y9306 Olympic Gold
Y9351 Sunny Gold
Y9355 Glitter Gold