Complex Pigments

Complex green is a compound pigment with components of both iron oxide yellow and phthalocyanine.

The formulation and mixture of the two products can provide a wide range of color variance from light-green to dark-green.

If phthalocyanines are allocated more than iron oxide yellow, the color will be more dark, the opposite way will be moved to light-green.

Iron oxide green though not a vibrant color, does offer resistance to both acid and alkalinity.

The color shade is used as reference only. Actual shade may vary slightly based upon material being used

Product GradeFull ColorReduced ColorTDS
S5605-1B Complex Green
S5605-2B Complex Green
S5605-3B Complex Green
S561B Complex Green
S562B Complex Green
S564B Complex Green
S463 Complex Blue
S466 Complex Blue
S363 Complex Black